Mr Tylr X Shutiq: Custom Velvet Slippers

I’ve been in the market for velvet slippers for a while now, primarily because they are the perfect blend of design and comfort. When I found Shutiq, I was quite pleased to say the least. In addition to the velvet slippers I’ve wanted for so long, I got the opportunity to personalize them to my preferences.
I’ve detailed my thoughts of the overall experience in the paragraphs below, for someone who’s skeptical about services like this, Shutiq exceeded my expectations and so I’m keen to tell the story.
 My primary yardstick for judging any pair of shoes is the level of craftsmanship. Shoes mean a lot to me, so it’s difficult for me to compromise on things like stitching, fitting, cuts and finishing. It’s normal to find glue marks or uneven surfaces when shopping for shoes these days; so, you can imagine how pleased I was to find a clean pair of shoes with no signs of glue marks or uneven stitching anywhere in sight (and I looked, trust me 😊)
 I’ve been driving with my slippers since I got them and It’s safe to say I feel no discomfort whatsoever. As you might have guessed, the feeling of comfort is the same for walking as well :)
I expected them to feel tight around the mid-section of my feet because there are no laces and I wasn’t sure about the velvet fabric and because I’m a skeptic X_X; Again, Shutiq took care of my doubts.
Attention to Detail
 I decided to go with a multicolored logo for my slippers because I’m a very “extra” person. In addition to the very bright logo, I wanted my initial –“II” on the side. As you can see from the photos, the utmost priority was given to my request and the final product speaks for itself.
Lead Times
The overall process took about a week, from the moment I submitted my logo to the moment I had my slippers on my feet. I think that’s quite an impressive record , considering the fact that I had specific requests and a troublesome logo.
In conclusion, I love my velvet slippers and I didn’t think I would. Many thanks to Shutiq for plugging a significant gap in the very dynamic world of men’s wear.
If you've copped a pair of velvet slippers or any shoes lately, and would love to share your thoughts, please feel free to get in touch. I am always on the look out for new shoes, believe a man can't have enough shoes.
In these photos
Shirt – Mr Tylr
Jeans – Bershka
Velvet Slippers - Shutiq

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