How To Wear A Linen Blazer


For any gentleman, pulling off a good blazer is like learning your ABC; it’s one of the first things you learn at “Sartorial School”. Today, I would like to take the class a little further by discussing the curios case of “Linen Blazers”, what do they even mean? And how does a person go about wearing something like that. I’ve adopted the classic why, what and who approach to attempt to demystify this subject.
Why Linen?
If you live in Dubai this should be obvious, it’s hot here most of the time and linen is a light fabric. You want to avoid heavy wool or tweed in the summer. It’s simply too hot for such fabrics. The second reason is less obvious, but very important. Linen Blazers often come with deconstructed tailoring. This simply means the blazer has been stitched with as little structure as possible; no shoulder pads no linens and no stuffing. This makes for a very comfortable fit. Think of a blazer that feels like a shirt.
What Pants?
There is always that awkwardness around choosing what pants to go with a blazer, how much more with an unconventional blazer. It can be quite a daunting task. I strongly recommend plain colored pants. You don’t want to come off as creating optical noise with your outfit (yes, there is such a thing). Chinos or jeans are the easiest way to go; as seen in these photos, I prefer chinos.
Who’s a Monk?
As far as shoes go, monks are buckle strapped shoes and they also happen to be an industry favorite. In these photos, I’m wearing blue double strapped monks, simply because they are chic, they are comfortable and they match the rest of my outfit. Any other color would do as well, if it’s not black and the monks have two straps.
In the absence of monks, you can wear loafers on your way to the store to buy the monks 😊
How To Wear A Linen Blazer : Mr Tylr
There you have it, a crash course on wearing linen blazers, I hope you find these tips useful. As always, feel free to message me for any tips or advice.
In these photos:
Blazer – Sacoor
Tie & Pocket Square – Andrews Ties
Shirt & Shoes – Massimo Dutti
Chinos – H&M



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