Our Ethos

Each shirt from Mr Tylr is made from unique pieces of print fabric. Encapsulating years of culture and craftsmanship in a contemporary shirt. Our collections are inspired by the synergy between cultural diversity and individuality that simmers to a boiling point in the emirate of Dubai.

Mr Tylr believes no two people are the same, we perceive these differences as two fold fabrics interwoven with beauty and diversity. Every person has a story, and we all keep to our own time, instead of comparing one another, we seek to be a part of each other's stories, one shirt at a time :)

Time is the real luxury, and it is in a bid to encapsulate pieces of the times of each person that Mr Tylr’s debut Time Capsule collection was created.


Press coverage
"Exclusivity plays a central role in what we do. We do not make more than three shirts from any of our unique fabrics, so you are very unlikely to ever see anyone wearing the same piece as you — we want our customers to feel like they are unique, because they are."
The Dubai-based menswear label Mr Tylr launches its debut collection
Esquire Middle East - November 07, 2016
"Mr Tylr thinks it's time you bought your own boyfriend shirt"
Shortlist Dubai Mode Opener
Shorlist Dubai - October 05, 2016
"I love what I do, so everything about it is rewarding. I love seeing people wear something I sketched out myself; it’s a beautiful feeling."
Introducing Mr Tylr, The Brand That’s Reinvented Boyfriend Fashion
Emirates Woman - May 06, 2016
Esquire Middle East Best Dressed Man 2015
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
"Purchase made, and it was delivered in a lovely box with a handwritten note as cute as the shirt itself, yay 📝"
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Ifeanyi Ibekwe
Creative Head @ Mr Tylr
ibekweifeanyi@gmail.com, +971527427721
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